We offer Bi-Metal power hacksaw blades which are manufactured from the combination of a toothed high speed steel strip; electron-beam welded to spring steel back, results into a highly flexible blade possessing extreme cutting performance. They are able to withstand heavy feed pressures, making them economical. These Hacksaw blades exhibit their superior quality when used on tough materials and surfaces of varied condition. The cutting edge of the high-speed steel gives the blade unparalleled cutting efficiency and the spring steel back resists breakage when used on surfaces that may not be ideal. These blades are manufactured with superior quality steel strips of teeth with M2 Grade and back of quality tough alloy steel.

Following are its specifications:

a) 300x25x1.20mm 12'x1'x18G 10,14 Black/Silver
b) 300x25x1.20mm 14'x1'x18G 10,14 Black/Silver
c) 400x25x1.20mm 16'x1'x18G 10,14 Black/Silver
d) 450x25x1.20 mm 18'x1'x18G 10,14 Black/Silver
e) 350x32x1.6mm 14'x11/4 x16G 6,10 Black/Silver
f) 400x32x1.6mm 16'x11/4 x 16G 6,10 Black/Silver
g) 450x32x1.6mm 18'x11/4 x 16G 6,10 Black/Silver
h) 450x38x1.6mm 18'x11/4 x 16G 6,10 Black/Silver