The Company

The Company

About Crown Blades

Crown blades has maintained the epitome of quality for saw blades in India since 1958.Our position as a specialist blade manufacturing company has allowed us to bring important benefits to our customers in the form of high quality precision cutting. Our single-minded devotion to the manufacture of blades has ensured that our end product is of the utmost quality. This has allowed us to export our products around the world, to countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Competing on Quality

Much time and resource has been spent to equip the factory with top class machinery from Germany and the USA. All products are manufactured with a high quality of design, material and workmanship, all while maintaining a high emphasis on timely delivery. Under our stringent quality control program Crown Blades products are without exception, subjected to rigid inspections and tests at each stage of processing. In recent years we have strengthened quality management and instilled a solid value system in our company. Our Organisation is an ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Range of Products

We manufacture Hack Saw Blades, Jig Saw Blades, Jack planer Blades (Randa Patta), Iron planer Blades, Key Hole Saw Blades, Hole Saw Blades, Junior Saw Blades, Piercing Saw Blades, Fret Saw Blades, Coping Saw Blades, and Agriculture Knives & Tools.

Customer Satisfaction

Meeting our customer's needs is our priority. We have been successful in creating lasting relationships with our clientele due to our fair business practices, highly durable range and timely delivery, as well as our openness to innovation and new business propositions. Our research and development wing is always working to understand and implement new innovations to maintain a world-class standard in saw blade manufacturing.