We offer wood planer blades, which are highly acclaimed for its superior cutting performance and uniform hardness features. The re-sharpening ability gives a long life to this product. This product can be manufactured as per the specifications of client needs. These blades are manufactured with superior quality steel strips of C-80 Grade. Soon we will also offer the range with TCT ends.

Crown Platinum (All Hard, Finish Natural) which are highly acclaimed for its performance and finish.This includes:

Following are its specifications:

a) 220x32x1.6mm 9'x1 1/4' x 1.6mm Black
b) 325x32x1.6mm 13'x1 1/4' x 1.6mm Black
c) 220x32x2.2mm 9'x1 1/4' x 2.2mm Black
d) 325x32x2.2mm 13'x 1 1/4 ' x 2.2mm Black
e) 220x32x3.0mm 9'x1 1/4' x 3.0mm Black
f) 325x32x3.0mm 13'x1 1/4' x 3.0mm Black